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Focused Landing Page -  Houston Guitar School” example!


As a way to help you come to grips with the whole concept of building a correct focused landing page for your search terms, please review this fictitious example below, and use it as a template to build your own pages.


Each page element in blue here has a role to play on your page.


Page Title (HTML <title> tag):

Houston Guitar Lessons


Meta Description (HTML <meta name=”description”> tag):

The Houston Guitar School provides acoustic and electric guitar lessons to youth and adults in the Houston, Harris and Fort Bend County area. We’ll customize a lesson plans to meet your needs!

Page Headline (HTML <H1> tag):

Guitar Lessons in Houston, Harris and Fort Bend County Texas

(Note that the headline is a slightly different configuration than the page title. Do not just copy the page title!)


Page Photo:

If you have one, add a photo of your teaching a student. If it a page focused on kids, use a kid, if it is a page focused on adults, use an adult.

Be sure to use the Alt parameter of the HTML <img alt=””> tag on the photo:

Alt = Guitar Lessons in Houston Texas

Page Content:


The following page content sections are examples of how to “flow” a prospective client through the conversion process. They have landed on your page from a search engine. You need to reassure them, and convince them they should contact you!


All of this is built to appeal to the individual who has landed on the page. That is, always speak to them, their needs, their questions…

Page Content Section 1 – Introduction Establish that the right “client profile” has landed on this page


Houston Guitar School, located in Sugarland, Texas, has provided acoustic and electric guitar lessons to youth and adults in the Southwest Houston region for over 10 years. 


Our music students learn in a comfortable, modern, fully equipped storefront studio, staffed with four full time instructor/owners.


Page Content Section 2 – Process  & approach - Appeal to the individual. Get them interested in your program!

Our focus is on YOU!

We offer both private lessons and group lessons to fit your budget and need.

Our private lessons are either one hour or one-half hour in length, and
we offer weekday, evening, and weekend lesson times. Private lessons allow us to customize the lesson plan and curriculum to your own musical goals. With private lessons, we can teach everyone from total beginners all the way up to professional stage musicians who want to refine their skills.

We focus on sound, fundamental guitar technique each step of the way. We strive to have our private lesson students master their material and build confidence in their skills, instead of just covering more and more material while mastering none of it. 

We are not stuck in teaching music theory, scales, or standard notation sight-reading like many other lesson schools, although we can and do teach those aspects when needed. Instead, we focus on practical playing skills and playing familiar songs. We have fun and we teach with guitar tablature (TAB) regularly!

Group Lessons

Our group lessons are an affordable alternative for students who want to get their hands on the guitar, learn some basics, and have some fun. We offer beginner and intermediate skill level group plans.

For both private and group students, you can participate in our quarterly student concerts, where you can gain confidence by playing for other students, friends and family.

Page Content Section 3  Logistics – Let them know what to expect regarding availability, cost, payment, cancellations, make-ups, etc.


Rates, Payment, and Policies

Our rates are competitive, but we feel that our student’s get more value from us due to the individual focus, customization and support that we provide. (link to your rates, if you post them, or put the here.)
We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and online payment (Paypal, etc.).


Our attendance policies are “student friendly”. We care about the needs of our students and we work with you to make this an enjoyable endeavor.


Page Content Section 5 – Testimonial – it can’t hurt to post at least one or two short testimonials here, age appropriate, of course.


Some Testimonials

“Houston Guitar School has helped me achieve my musical goals! I am having so much fun playing songs that I love and building on my skills at every lesson!” – Dave from Alvin, age 32


Page Content Section 4 – Close the Sale – Get them to contact you!


Get Started Today!

Get started on your own life long musical journey as soon as possible! Please contact us now to get your questions answered or to schedule your first introductory lesson. (put any deals or discounts here)


(Phone #, email, link to contact form or put the contact form right here if you can!)  


Page Content Section 5 – Additional/related Service areas and services (this is SEO stuff, keep it at the bottom and out of the way!)


Our Service Areas

We provide guitar lessons (and other instruments!) to students from these Southwest Houston Texas area communities:


Fort Bend County
Harris County
West Houston

Southwest Houston




Missouri City

Pecan Grove

Mission Bend