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"SEO for Private Lesson
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Private Music Teachers
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Private Lesson Music Teachers

To my fellow music instructors:

Most of you have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it can bring prospective client traffic to your website when people search the web for music lessons in your area.

   If you are not familiar, please see FAQs: SEO.

Earning this site traffic can result in more business for you, and sometimes, a lot more. I am walking proof.

SEO IS the Marketplace These Days

These days when people need "piano lessons in Peoria", they often just search for it on the web. If you are not showing up in that report on Goggle or Bing or Yahoo!, then you are missing out on this prime slice of the active prospect market.

FREE cursory SEO analysis to all music instructors!
Please request by email to

However, maybe you're not sure what to do to earn this kind of website traffic. What's more, the SEO world can be full of bad advice and overpriced, under-performing consultants.

I know, because I have been involved in the SEO business for over 20 years. I used to do SEO work full time, but I grew tired of the industry and wanted something else.

Proven Success

So I used my own SEO skills to build my own guitar lesson business in Northern Virginia ( That was many years ago. I now enjoy a roster of over 30 regular students, many who have been with me for years. Most of them found me via the search engines.

I also attract the right kind of students. In my case, I aim toward adults who want to play acoustic guitar. Maybe you are a rock guitar player looking for up and coming youth players, or maybe you are a classical piano teacher. Good SEO work, combined with a well-written website, can pre-sell your services to the right audience.

While I no longer focus on SEO work as a primary source of income, I am now offering to provide my SEO coaching and website services to the music lessons industry on a limited basis. That is because I can plainly see the real need for this. Unlike other industries that are hyper-competitive for SEO traffic, a good SEO effort in the music lesson realm can still pay off handsomely.
Please do keep in mind that all things in the SEO realm are subject to change at a moments notice. Rankings can shift without notice, and highly competitive situations can be hard to crack.
Please reveiw my rankings and traffic reports here.

Outsource Your SEO Tasks?

Most of you are musicians, not Web geeks. While SEO work is actually NOT rocket science (even though some consultants try to claim that that is!), it does require some skill and experience to do it right. Without an understanding of it, it's easy to get bogged down.

To properly tap into this source of website traffic, you might just want some guidance and experienced advice, then you take it from there. Or maybe you want someone to make it all happen on a turnkey basis. I will work with either approach.

Why choose me over the thousands of SEO gurus out there?

- Proven success in the music lessons market: I built my thriving music lesson business using the exact same strategies that I will use for you.

Even working on a part-time basis, I have earned well over $100,000 from over 100 students, over several years, from students who found me via search engine queries. That is an astounding return on my investment in SEO for my website.

I don't spend any out-of-pocket money on advertising, and I don't sit around waiting for referrals. People looking for guitar teachers in my area find me through the search engines. I am fortunate that my site is visible at the forefront of the modern marketplace. But that is not by chance. I took the right steps to get there.

If you are a music instructor or store *with a public website* offering music lessons, I would be glad to send my site traffic stats report to you. Please just send me an email to with your website address and I will gladly send you a link to my stats overview and, if you like, I will provide a free cursory analysis of your site and it's SEO positioning.

- I am fair: Honestly, there are no requirements or standards for anyone who claims to be a consultant in the SEO business. Unlike some of the practitioners in the SEO business, I am going to be 100% up front with you about what we'll do, how we'll do it, why we do it, and more. I am not cheap, but I am not going to overbill you, or oversell you. I don't need to, and I certainly don't want to.

I make no false promises, and there is no "Oz behind the curtain" bullshit from me. No smoke and mirrors, no gimmicks, and no under-handed techniques.

- Choose your services: A proper SEO program has several layers to it, from the initial competitive analysis, to search term planning, site configuration planning, content writing, site implementation, and offsite enhancements (link building & outreach services).

Are you on a limited budget? With me, you can choose what you can afford and then do the rest yourself, but with my guidance and overview. Again, no BS, no monthly contracts, no games.

- Because I know what I am doing: The SEO world is full of fads and misguided theories. Chasing them can be a costly, time-wasting game. The fact is, what worked well and was proper practice in the SEO business 15 years ago still works well today.

Just like we teach our new music students: Cover the basics well and you're there. This is all about covering the SEO basics. And frankly, many of you have not yet done that when it comes to SEO on your own website!

For those of you who have already investigated SEO services from other consultants, I can say this:
  • You probably don't need "monthly maintenance" and the monthly cost.
  • You probably don't need much link building (I never have on my own site...).
  • You probably don't need to "blog" constantly to get some results.
Let's do what it takes. Nothing more. You won't hear that from many other SEO consultants.

- Because I don't need the work: That might sound blunt, but that is to your advantage. I am doing fine with my existing business interests: I am a guitar teacher, a cemetery manager, and web content manager. I just turned 60 years old and I am looking to do more good work until I retire,

I also want to establish some goodwill in this industry, and a build a client base that provides me with enough referrals to keep things moving along.

My 20 years of experience in the SEO realm, combined with my understanding of how that applies to self-employed music instructors like yourself, provides me with a unique opportunity here. I promise that I am not going to steer you into services and costs that you do not need.


I offer cafeteria pricing for all of my SEO services. You can hire me for any or all of the services below, and I will quote you accordingly, and fairly.

Every situation is different. If you live in a large metro area (like me) your need for thorough SEO service is a bit more intense than if you teach in a smaller city or town.

Also, this depends upon your existing competitive landscape. If there are 20 other instructors in your area that have a done a bang-up job of SEO with their websites (that's not likely!), then you are going to have to climb higher than them.

Plus, if you really don't need this because you already rank well, or if you are already getting as much search traffic as you can, I will tell you exactly that.

My Rates: I bill on an hourly basis for my work in the $100 per hour range, but I can also quote specific tasks at set rates or make estimates of time required. I readily admit that I am not the lowest cost provider, but I am efficient and very fair.

For those of you with some good understanding of how your wesbite works, and if you can implement a lot of the advised site changes yourself, you might benefit enormously from a couple hours of coaching and strategizing.

Similarly, a keyword planning effort might cost from $50 to $200, depending upon the complexity.

A full service package, in which you hire me to fully implement a properly-optimized website, might range from $300 to $2000. Again, it depends upon your individual metro market, and the depth of your competitive goals.

To properly advise you of your expected costs, we'd need to discuss your specific situation to determine your needs and align that with your budget.

Services Offered:

Initial Cursory Analysis:

It's FREE! I will gladly take a quick look at your existing website, metro market and current rankings to determine if you are already where you need to be, or if there is room to move up the rankings.

Please just send your analysis request by email to

Coaching and Advisory:

- If you have some website management skills, many of you might just need some experienced guidance. This includes some basic competitive analysis, keyword planning and research, and site implementation advice. That's no problem at all. I can bill by the hour or as a set fee, once we determine the parameters.

Competitive analysis:

- We determine how strong your local competition is regarding their existing seach engine optimization for terms realted to music instruction. This provides you with a map of where they are strong and weak. You can then determine how difficult it may be to compete with them.

This cost is quite variable depending upon your metro area, how many instruments you teach, and how complete you would like to be with the report.

Keyword Planning:

- This is the task of putting together a thorough search term target list, and prioritizing it for your specific business.

Site Configuration:

- This is the task of updating your website properly so you can compete for the correct search terms. There are many strategies that can be applied here, some more thorough than others, depending upon your budget and the competitive situation you are in.

Offsite Enhancement:

- This may include link building bakc to your website, as well as configuring other opportunities on the Web that will not only help your cause, but may bring leads directly to your website.

Your Return on Investment:

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the return on investment of this work in advance. Remember, I said that I would not bullshit you!

Neverthless, when the competition is not so keen (such as for the term "Ukulele lessons in Peoria IL"), the chances of successfully moving up the search rankings goes way up if you simply POSITION YOUR WEBSITE PROPERLY to compete.

Adding just one single long term student can easily pay for all of this work. Getting a couple of dozen long term students from good SEO work usually makes the cost of this investment negligible.

With good SEO in place, you can even eliminate other forms of advertising that you may be doing now, like newpaper ads, classifieds, and more. Many of you may be at a dead end when finding cost effective ways to get more students. Getting your share of SEO traffic can make a huge difference.

HOWEVER, if it doesn't work at all (meaning no new traffic to your website from search engines), then you get nothing in return. Highly competitive situations can be very hard to crack these days.

The SEO Landscape for Music Lessons My overall assessment is that there is still room to move up the rankings for music lesson terms, even in most large metro areas. In general, the level of search engine optimization being done by local vendors in the music lesson business is still quite limited.

Hence, my interest in helping some of you. I think there is "room to move" for many of you. If I didn't think so, I would not have written all of this. I got out of SEO work full time because success was no longer practical in many industries, due to competition. That is not the situation here.

I know your daily grind as a private lesson music teacher. I just want some of you to enjoy the benefits of this source of leads.

My guarantee:

I DO NOT guarantee rankings improvements! Anyone in this business who does is lying to you.

All we can really do here is position ourselves properly using historically successful methods, then hope that it works. That is the hard truth regarding SEO. I can help you do that.

As with all forms of advertising and marketing, there are no guarantees that it will work as intended to drive business. I can only guarantee that I will asisst you with setting up your website properly so that you can more effectively compete for search traffic.

That is my guarantee.

Let's Get A Dialog Started!

To get your free analysis, ask questions, and to begin a dialogue regarding your search engine optimization, please contact me via email at This offer is only open to music instructors with active websites. Please include your website address.

And Thank You for reading!

Please reveiw my rankings and traffic reports here.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of structuring your website to rank higher for specific search terms in the "free" search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines.

A "search term" that a real person might use in a search engine might be "Banjo Lessons in Nashville". Try it yourself in Google.

In the results, you will first see the paid ad listings (marked as "Ads", which is why Google is a multi-billion dollar business!).

Next you will usually see the "local listings block", whcih are usually derived from Google's Business listings (and you should have one!).

After that, you will see 10 free (also called "natural" or "organic") search results. Sometimes the free results appear before the local listings block. The site owners listed in the free results have usually positioned themsleves properly to get these positions, using various SEO tactics.

When someone clicks on one of those "free" listings, it takes you to the website, where the site owner can then make the case that they are the best choice for "Banjo Lessons in Nashville". Therefore, ranking high in the free search results is a powerful marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, that is SEO. If you want more info, please see Google's own explanation of how search works.


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