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Welcome to our Tools and Services for readers of our book, Search Engine Optimization for Private Lesson Music Teachers.


We hope that you like the book and are using it as the foundation to get yourself ahead of the crowd in search traffic.


This page is your “launch pad” for future progress with search optimization and other Web marketing strategies. 


NOTE: Many of these tools are listed as “currently under development”. Please bear with us.


We wanted to release the book as soon as it was ready to be used, so you could get a head start on your optimization.


Most importantly, the MASHUP TOOL (click here) and the example spreadsheet are ready to use, NOW as part of your paid access.  


Some Free, Some Paid


We realize that our book can be easily passed around among friends, so some of you may have read it for free. 


Nevertheless, we have saved the most important and time saving tools and services for our registered, paid clients (our “members”). To get the most out of our book, and get access to our paid tools and services, all you need to do is pay for it, here.




Get Our Newsletter – “SEO Notes: Music To Your Wallet!”


(Currently under development)


Anyone can join our newsletter here for FREE. You’ll get insights into the latest SEO strategies, case study examples, and thoughts on making SEO and other Web marketing techniques that will help you build your lesson business.


We PROMISE to not sell your address, and we WILL NOT bombard you with emails. You’ll get maybe one per month, at most!


Get Listed In Our Music Teacher Directory


(Currently under development)


Get listed for FREE in the ONLY music teacher directory that allows you to customize the Page title, Headline, and anchor text of your link back to your Website.


Plus, if you service more cities, you can get five more listings as a paid member.




The Mashup Tool Access – Available NOW! MASHUP TOOL (click here)


Our Mashup Tool is a breakthrough in the SEO world. It allows you to quickly establish the scope of your entire search term universe.


Tools Pak Available NOW!


Since we can’t include these items in the PDF, we offer an example spreadsheet for managing your search terms and page building tasks. It makes managing your SEO project much easier.


You will also get access to our “Nuggets” list of other SEO resources. 


Discounts on Services - Available NOW!


Paid members get discounts on SEO services, if you want help or don’t want to do this work yourself.


This includes:


  • Our Competitive Analysis
  • Key Word Research and Planning
  • Page Building Services
  • SERPs Rank Monitoring




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