[TITLE]Git 'er Done! – How To Slay Your SEO Funk For Music Teachers Tutors & Studios[TITLE] [DESCRIPTION]Procrastinating your SEO efforts? Here's how to quickly get your SEO efforts on track. [DESCRIPTION] [KEYWORDS]Procarastinating your SEO efforts? Here's how to quickly get your SEO efforts on track. [KEYWORDS] [CSS_FILENAME]style.css[CSS_FILENAME] [TEMPLATE]SEO-main-template.html[TEMPLATE] [HEADLINE][HEADLINE]

Git 'er Done! – How To Slay Your SEO Funk


Is your search engine optimization (SEO) effort getting pushed aside or getting bogged down? Are you frustrated and not sure where to begin? Do just want to put it off?


That’s not good for your business.


The lack of a good SEO effort may be costing you money. At the least, it is limiting your options.

With a good flow of search traffic, you can get more students, charge more for the ones you get, and shape your student profile to meet your own goals.


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I Get It!

I have the advantage of 20 years in the SEO business, so this work comes naturally to me, and I just did it for my own lesson business. I also know the huge advantages that I get from it, and that’s why I do it.


Sure, SEO can be a complex, arcane, and flat-out boring subject. Prepping your website properly to get search traffic is not a very exciting thing to do. Neither is sweeping the floor or managing the books of your business, but you do those tasks, right? 


Here’s Your “Jump Start” - A Quickie Solution


But I’m not hear to brow-beat. Instead, I want to give you a quick and dirty fix that might get you off the dime and start getting this done. 


Can you spare a half hour for your business?


Here’s the solution: Just build 1 (one!) focused landing page, post it to your site, and link to it from somewhere else on your website. That  should take about half an hour.

Granted, this approach is like applying a splint when you have a broken leg in the woods. But at least it will get you out of the woods, to a place where you can get a complete fix.


Aim Directly At Your Hometown


This “splint” page that you build should be focused on this type of search term as the page title: 


[Your main instrument] lessons in [your hometown]


Please don’t just re-title an existing page. That probably will not work very well.  At the least, build a complete, focused landing page.


So you will also need to write out a good meta description, page headline, add a photo alt tag (if you use an image), and you will need to build good page content that will covert visitors who come to this page from a search engine into actual clients.


All of that is covered in detail in the guidebook:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Private Music Teachers.


The point is this: Just get something done.

Forget about over-analyzing. Read the guide to understand the entire process of building a landing page, and then just do one!


If you survive that task, then do another page, and maybe another. That exercise will get you familiar with the process of landing page building and linking to the pages so they get indexed. 

Once you have finished a couple of basic, hometown pages, you can start to see if it gets any traffic or search results. Sure, it’s a splint, but at least now you are in the game.

Then revisit your keyword mashup list. You'll have a much better idea about how to prioritize your whole keyword list, once you've been through the page-building process. 

Plus (and this is a big plus), you will have a page (or a few) focused landing pages that are indexed and ready to rank well in search! 

You’re on your way to better traffic, better clients and a better music lesson business.


Dirk Johnson


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