* But My Web Software Did My SEO For Me – NOT!


Sorry, but good SEO can’t be automated – It still takes some thought, planning, and a bit of effort.

By Dirk Johnson


In my discussions with music lesson studio owners, I often hear comments like this:


“I get SEO with my hosting package, don’t I?”


”I think my web guy said he already did that”

”I have the Yoast SEO plug-in for my Wordpress, so I think it’s done automatically”


or some similar quote indicating that there is no need to worry about SEO. It’s been taken care of.

Sorry, But Probably NOT!


So when I look at their website, I almost always have to gently indicate to them that, no, their site is not really optimized for search traffic. In fact, it is often nowhere near “search ready”, and no, they are not yet showing up on the first page in Google for searches for lessons in their city.

That revelation often comes as a surprise. That’s because SEO is not some setting that you turn on to let Google know that “Hey – I’m ready for some search traffic. Just send it on over!”


Yet many people seem to think that it really does work that way. Sorry, but it doesn’t.


As always, if you want to get a quick review of your current website SEO condition, please contact me with your website address, and I’ll be glad to have a look and report back to you what I find.


A Human Being Is Still Required!


Yes, the tech bastards are all actively trying to automate all of us out of business in some way (see ChordBuddy.com ha ha!), but I don’t see that happening anytime soon with SEO.


Good SEO that yields paying clients takes some thinking, focus, analysis, more thinking, good planning, then some VERY GOOD content writing, and finally, some oversight to review how it is working.


Until someone who is familiar with the how SEO set-up process works actually does the work that is needed, it’s going to be incomplete. And incomplete SEO work is probably not going to yield much in the way of paying clients.

Sure, half-baked SEO work might generate some search traffic in low competition environments, but it may not convert that traffic into clients.


Good SEO work does these three things:


-         It helps you rank well in search engines when people search for music lessons in your area.

-         It entices people to click on YOUR listing in those search results, thus visiting your website

-         It converts those people into real life leads that you can turn into real life CLIENTS.

If you skip any part of the process above, you will quickly start losing out on the benefits of properly done SEO, and maybe completely if the traffic does not convert on your site.


Half-baked SEO work is rampant.


I see it all the time. I rarely see local studios in the music lesson industry that have done their SEO well.


Yet, the studio owners often think they have it covered, because someone told them that SEO was “part of their package” for their hosting or their content management platform or from their website developer.


Nobody is telling them the truth (surprise!), and they don’t know the right questions to ask to know the difference.


Fortunately, There is Hope!


OK – so SEO is not a “button push” switch that you just turn on. Bummer. Fortunately, SEO is NOT rocket science, either.


All you really need to get your SEO in order is to have it explained to you correctly in plain language (not SEO-speak!), and then you either do it yourself at no additional cost to you except time, or get someone to do it right for you.


The explaining part is easy. It’s all laid out in this 80 page do-it-yourself guide to SEO for music lesson teachers, tutors, and studios will help.


If you don’t have time, or if you prefer to have someone else manage the basics for you, please contact me.

And, as always, if you want to get a quick review of your current website SEO condition, please contact me with your website address, and I’ll be glad to have a look and report back to you what I find.


Thanks again for tuning in!