* DO NOT Overhaul Your Entire Website for SEO Purposes!


Run Fast From Anyone Who Says You Need To Do That!

One of the best ways to identify an amateur, inexperienced SEO consultant is reflected in how they approach an SEO project for a site that already exists.


If his or her first advice is something like “Well, we’ll need to change the existing content of your site”, I’d suggest finding someone else. Fast.


For sites like ours that sell music lessons (we usually have relatively small sites), a complete site overhaul is most likely the WRONG way to go about this.


Let It Be


Established sites have an online “history” with the search engines. They may not have the greatest set-up for SEO purposes, but there is a good chance that they already produce some viable SEO traffic.


Messing around with pages that are already indexed and working is a recipe to wipe out your existing search rankings very quickly.


Also, the challenge of determining what to change, and how to change it is confusing and presents unnecessary challenges.

If you already have a decent website, and you just want to enhance your SEO position, then just leave what you have in place and work around it. Here’s how to do that.


Focused Landing Pages


At it’s foundation, good SEO work is based on having well structured, focused landing pages that attract search traffic and convert it into live leads or clients.


A focused landing page is one that attacks a specific search term (and some associated terms) that real people use to find music lessons in your area, such as “piano lessons in Dallas”.


That’s what people actually search for. That is what a landing page must focus on. It is not achieved at random or by chance.


Since it is quite rare that an existing website has well-built focused landing pages in place, then that is the place to start.


One Page at a Time


Build your landing pages one page at a time. Focus first on the terms that matter the most to your business and work out from that.  


One page a week is a decent goal that would take about a half hour of work per week. At the end of three months, you’ll have 12 targeted pages in place that you did not have before, and you did not have to overhaul your existing website!


SEO Should NOT Be a Time Suck!


So, if you want to get going on fixing your SEO status, then check out

Git 'er Done! – How To Slay Your SEO Funk. It might help you get motivated.


To find out exactly what to do to create these landing pages, then get the guidebook:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Private Music Teachers!


I hope it helps.


If you want me to take a look at your website, (no charge) with respect to SEO, just send me an email with your website to info@MusicTeacherSEO.com


THANKS again!


Dirk Johnson