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Web Traffic is NOT Created Equal! Get The Best For Your Music Teaching Site!

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There are a lot of ways to get website traffic. Mostly, it's all good, but some of it is better, and some of it is the best!

Let's analyze it.

Some of your traffic comes from people who are just curious about your business. That's OK, as it's good awareness. Some visitors are thinking about music lessons, but not ready to act. That's even better.

But the *BEST* traffic is from people who are ready to sign up for lessons RIGHT NOW! They want to find the right teacher or studio for them so they can start their musical journey as soon as possible.

Search engines consistently provide these best visitors!

Just about any form of advertising can yield these "best" visitors, but if you think about it, people who come to your site from search engine searches are far more likely to fit that profile.

Here's why: They used a search engine to search for "music lessons in your town". They acted out of self-motivation to find a music teacher. That's a huge difference!

If YOUR site comes up in the free search results, and they like what they see there, they'll click on your link. If they like what you offer on your website, they just might just contact your studio.

Most advertising is wasted on people who have no interest in what you are selling!

Advertising is passive marketing. Sure, some people might click your ad out of curiosity. If it works, great. If it doesn't, it still costs you.

With free search traffic, you get people who, on their own motivation, have decided to seek out music lessons. They are actively in the market, right now, and maybe even ready to buy, today. And, again, it's free!

Get Your Fair Share!

Are you getting your fair share of this FREE, highly-qualified traffic and converting it? Or are your competitors getting it? And not just from your own town, but from the surrounding towns and your entire service area? Maybe, maybe not.

A good analysis of your search engine optimization (SEO) and site traffic would shed light on this, which is described in our 80 page, how-to guide, "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Private Music Teachers!".

Free Bonus Offer!

As a bonus, we are offering a free cursory SEO analysis to music teachers, tutors or studios who request one. Please just email me ( with your website address and ask for the free analysis!

Thanks! Dirk Johnson

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* Web Traffic is NOT Created Equal! Get The Best!
     There are a lot of ways to get website traffic. Mostly, it's all good, but some of it is better. And some of it is the best! Find out how to get the best.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Private Music Teachers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Private Music Teachers!

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Basics
By Dirk Johnson - A successful private lesson guitar teacher with 20 years of experience in search engine optimization. Read more
      80 + Pages - Just $19.95!

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